Perfecting the classics, one bite at a time

About Us

Perfecting the classics, one bite at a time.

It all started about ten years ago, when I was flipping through a food magazine, and I stumbled upon an article about homemade donut holes. It always seemed so daunting to make donuts, but donut holes? I could do that! Immediately, my imagination went wild — I started to think of different flavors, different toppings, different sizes, and then ultimately I said to myself, “This is it! This is what I want to do! I want to make and sell donut holes.” I tore out that article and stashed it away in a drawer in my room. From that day on, my dream was to start a donut business.

From a Background in Television to Donuts!

After college, I worked as a TV news reporter in Rochester, MN and later as a photographer/producer for Twin Cities Live on KSTP-TV. I even spent a few months covering a wide variety of sports for the KSTP-TV Sports Department. I loved my time working in TV, but my donut dream kept coming back to me.

So in December 2015, on the eve of turning 30-years-old, I opened that drawer, took out the article, and knew I was ready. And in January 2016, Kerry’s Donut Bites was officially formed.

My goal, every day, is to perfect the classics, one bite at a time.

- Kerry Klatt -

We Make Deliveries

We're here to make your day easier!

Email: to schedule a delivery. Please allow 24 hours notice. Phone: 651-343-0637

** We have a two dozen minimum for all deliveries **


Donut Bites

Powdered Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar

Vanilla Glazed 


* Ask about our seasonal and special flavors including honey toasted coconut, and dark chocolate raspberry

Fluffy Bites

Powdered Sugar with Lemon Filling

$2 each 

** Fluffy Bites are made with a yeast dough, which makes them light and airy (or fluffy)! 

We Love Custom Orders

We offer Gluten Free Donut Bites.

Menu / Price List

We Love Custom Orders

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We Make Deliveries

Donut Bites: $13/dozen

Fluffy Bites: $2/each 

Two Dozen Minimun Is Required For All Deliveries


Kerry's Donut Bites - Kitchen on the Bluff

705 3rd St E, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55106

(651) 343-0637